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Growing up I vividly remember a few trips we took as a family, but one trip has always stuck with me, and that was a visit to Edinburgh. The beauty and historic city captured my imagination and interest like no other city I have visited - the stunning castle etched in my memories forever.  As well as visiting the famous castle, we visited many other historic treasures around the city, and since then I have always wanted to return.

Then this year my boss organized a business meeting in Edinburgh to which I was instantly excited about (super nervous as I had to fly on my own) but I was really looking forward to visiting the majestic city that was etched into my memories. Although I knew I wouldn't have time to visit anything, we did take a few walks around the city, we stayed in a hotel in the city centre, and I could see the castle up on the hill (so close, but still so far) - I had no time to visit, it was all meetings, meetings, meetings for the three days. However, in the evenings, we did get to eat in some amazing restaurants, and I had lots of haggis, the best haggis ever.

Since coming home, I've more than ever want to visit again, but definitely for pleasure and not business to visit all the museums, the castle, and the Panda's in the Zoo. So much to see and do. The problem is it is an 11-hour drive from here, so it would be better to fly up, but that would be awfully expensive with 4 kids. Finding the right deal is important for us, therefore making the time and effort to search and book online to find the best deals.

Apart from visiting all the fantastic tourist locations, we would also visit family, my mother-in-law is Scottish, although she has lived down here for the past 45 years, we still have a lot of family in Scotland, and it would be great to see them (we haven't seen them in a couple of years, since they last visited us).  

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