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Spalding Bulb 70th Anniversary

To celebrate their 70th Anniversary, Bakker Spalding Bulb sent us a box of 70 mystery bulbs for us to then plant and wait to see what grows - all we were told is they can be anything from flowers, to vegetables!

Previously, I never been someone very interested in gardening, cutting the grass was about as far as I got with my garden, but it's my youngest son's enthusiasm and his interest that has rubbed onto me. In May we bought some crates and planted different veg - and surprisingly they are growing very well so far - which is really encouraging. Then when we were approached by Bakker Spalding Bulb's with the offer to send us some mystery bulbs, we were very keen and excited to get involved.

The kids love getting involved in the garden; digging, planting, pruning and watering the veg we have - which is normally tasks I would avoid, but they have changed that and I am finding gardening is enjoyable. So we were all excited to receive our mystery box of bulbs and planted them straight away. We planted quite a few outside our garden wall in our stone edge, and we also planted some in our garden.

The box arrived with quite a few different packets of bulbs (all shapes and sizes) and basic instructions on whether they need sunlight, and how deep to plant them into the ground. It was all very simple, the hardest part was finding enough areas in our garden to plant all the bulbs we had - but that was fun too.

When it came to planting, first Jacob made sure to weed the areas and then sweep up. He dug out the holes and placed the bulbs in. We are now waiting patiently, checking them every few days to see if we can spot the first growth. It's all very exciting and I love seeing Jacob's enthusiasm.

I recommend any parent to get your children involved with the garden - seeing Jacob's reaction and how involved he gets is really rewarding.

Look out for an update post soon. (fingers crossed our bulbs do grow)

Jacob doing a bit of weeding before we planted the bulbs.
Sweeping the weeds.

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