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Eurovision 2015

What are you doing tonight? 

Will you be watching the Eurovision song contest this evening?

We're off around my sister-in-laws for drinks, take away and Eurovision! We'll be taking in all the madness, shocks and surprises; appreciating and laughing along with the commentary from the fabulous Graham Norton.

The mother of all talent shows, Eurovision 2015 celebrates its 60th Anniversary this year, and this year will bring us 27 countries, including the newest addition, Australia - not exactly Europe, not even close to Europe, probably one of the furthest countries away, but hey, I think it is a good thing to welcome other countries outside Europe. 

The Eurovision annual song contest has played on our screen religiously every year since 1956 and is estimated for this year to be watched by around 200 million viewers. Sweden, Russia and Italy are among the favourites to win, but did you know, Ireland with 7 wins are the most successful country at Eurovision, unfortunately, we will miss their entry this year as they haven't made it through to the final.

Electro Velvet, Bianca Nicholas and Alex Larke will be representing the UK tonight with the song "Still in love with you", and they are fifth in-line to sing tonight. Fingers crossed they will do well although, based on our recent performances, my concern these past few years has been "god I hope we don't come bottom" because that is rather disappointing (embarrassing). You can read some interesting research carried out by My Voucher Codes on the Express newspaper here.

How I remember the Eurovision.

Growing up as a child, the Eurovision was a big event and we wanted to watch it, it's a tradition for many people, and one of the biggest highlights of the year. Considering back in my day, we only had 3 channels, there was nothing much on, you watched what was on, otherwise you missed out. Nowadays, it is very different we have hundreds of channels to pick and choose what they want, and my kids are not as excited about the Eurovision as I was as a child, which is shame as it is celebrated as a tradition, one that should carry on for generations. As the Eurovision grows worldwide every year, proof of that is Australia are joining, it's one of Europe's little gems, where other countries want to get involved. What other new countries will join in the following years? It's exciting to see what happens next, where it will expand further.

Are you watching the Eurovision this year?

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Mummy's boys who tap into the power of love