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A Day Out at our Local Adventure Farm

Over the past couple of weeks we've spent most of our free time sprucing up the garden, but on the weekend the weather was too nice to stay home digging and painting, so we made a last minute decision and headed out to our local adventure farm in Norfolk.

We arrived early afternoon and took the route we always do, first going through to see the lemurs, and parrots.

After trying to get the parrot to say "hello", and dodging the lemur trying to urinate on us, we headed over to the children's fun fair, where there are lots of rides perfect for the little ones. We went on all the rides; the flying elephants, the teacups, the pirate ship etc.. And Summer got to go on her first roller coaster, albeit a small one, but she enjoyed it.

After having tons of fun on the rides, we headed off to the petting area, and were delighted that we were allowed to go into the goats area to feed them (previous years you weren't allowed - you had to feed them through the fence). The kids got to meet and feed the goats, and sheep and loved it.  They also had reptile house, the kids favourite was the chameleon, and we see some lovely bearded dragons that looked just like our beadie, Shadow.

Feeling rather hungry we headed to the cafe and had something to eat, and with our bellies full we headed over to the to the farm train that took us around the whole park and then we finished the day off playing in the very large play area. It was a lovely fun day.

This little pirate ship made our bellies feel funny.

Rollercoaster, it was small, but fun - perfect for Summer's first time on one.

Food for the alpacas.

Feeding the goats.

Summer spotted the goat in this chicken coop.

This little goat was in the chicken coop, but after Summer had stuck her head, the goat came out rubbing its head on Jacob's leg for attention.

These gorgeous lambs were kept in a separate part of the farm, fenced off to the public - they were sitting out in the sun. 

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Muddy Puddles