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Muddy Puddles

Last weekend we had a fantastic day visiting Horsey Bay to see the seals, but on the long walk back to the car, we had just as much fun. When we had finished watching the lovely seals, instead of walking back via the beach, we decided to cross over the dune and walk along the dirt path, and to the kids delight there were loads of puddles, big, small, muddy puddles.

It was about a 30-minute walk that took us a lot longer as Jacob and Summer embarked on walking through every single puddle possible.  

Unfortunately Lewis had his trainers on so couldn't splash about, so instead he encouraged Jacob and Summer.

They walked, ran, and splashed through every muddy puddle.

After 45-minutes and many muddy puddles (I lost count after the fifteenth) they were rather wet and muddy - but they loved it; they giggled, they screamed in delight, and they mastered it.

I was dreading that they would trip and fall into a puddle and get their top half wet and muddy, but luckily they didn't.

But they kept going, even when we finally got back to the car-park, they just couldn't resist one final puddle.

We got in the car, turned up the heater, took them out of their wet clothes and wrapped them up in our coats, and we went home. They had so much fun, they both exclaimed how we had to do it again another day.

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