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Horsey Bay where there are seals

We went on an adventure to see the Seal's yesterday. 

Horsey Bay, on the Norfolk coast, only half an hour drive from us, this little gem of a place we've never visited before, we didn't even know about it until my friend told us a couple of weeks ago, and since then I couldn't wait to take the kids, and so that is what we did yesterday.  

We parked up and in our wellies, and winter coats, we walked along the dunes before we came to some steps that took us down onto the beach. It was a beautiful day, the wind blowing but not too cold, it was surprisingly warm. We strolled along the sea front, the kids running around, chasing the waves, picking up pebbles and climbing on the groynes, and as we walked further along the beach, to our delight we spotted a few seals in the sea popping their head's out. At this point, I was rather excited and really keen to find the pod of seals resting on the sand.

We walked for another 20 minutes until we finally found them; all sizes, colours, and patterns, the seals were simply beautiful, awe-inspiring and amazing. Laying peaceful on the sand, they didn't mind the people, just as long as you don't get too close. They were making their funny noises with their grunts, and Jacob exclaimed "it sounds like they are farting".

The seals acknowledge your presence, they look right at you, watching you so you don't get too close, their big beautiful eyes full of expression, and very adorable. But don't be fooled, these are big mammals, with teeth.

We could've sat there and watched them all day, we were fascinated by them.

We walk along the sea front for 20 minutes until we come to the Seal pod.

We finally arrived where the pod was, it was a large pod, hundreds of seals, there were also lots of people, all there to see the seals.

There were a few young seals amongst the pods.

They were larger than expected. They slumbered, they played with each other, they swam. And when they used their flippers to soothe an itch or to rub their eyes, it was the cutest thing to see.

It was a fantastic experience, and we will definitely be returning.

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