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A look back over 2014

2014 a year that has whizzed by.

The year started off with illnesses and pain - full of flu coupled with a horrid trapped nerve, I spent a few weeks incapacitated on the sofa. I slept alot due to the medication, lost a lot of weight in a small amount of time and got myself in a right rut. But I started to recover and with the help of my family and friends, physio and acupuncture, I got better. How's my pinched nerve now? It's okay, I get the odd twitch which makes me nervous, but I persist with the movements the physio showed me and that seems to settle it and help.

The best news of the year - my sister-in-law and family moved home from Australia. We were so excited to see them, but also sad it didn't work out for them. They have been home 8 months now, and it is GOOD to have them here - we did miss them lots.

What else happened...

Lewis moved up to secondary school - eekk my boy is growing up really fast - he settled in, made new friends, kept old friends, got a free iPad (school supplied), and most importantly he is enjoying school. The school offers an electronic pay system which the children top up and use their thumb to scan and pay for lunch items - the minimum we can top it up is £20 - and trying to teach him to budget at £2.20 per day is a challenge - he's overspent a few times, £5 one day! I was not best pleased, but it is good practise for him to learn to budget, and I am determined to encourage him on how to budget and take responsibility of his school money.  Liam we have no issues with, but Lewis we will get there.

Jacob started swimming lessons, and after an initial rocky start (took him 25 minuets to get in the pool) he now loves it and talks about becoming a swimming teacher himself. He also started primary school, and loves it. His start wasn't so smooth as he didn't get into the school he wanted, so he went to a different school for a couple of months before a space became available at the other school, which he transferred too. He is now where he wants to be and one happy little boy.  

Summer started nursery in September, and settled in quickly, we have a few mornings where she clings to me and doesn't want me to go, but overall she enjoys it. Over the year she has blossomed into a funny and clever little girl and she loves anything pink.

Liam has continued to be a typical teenager, grumpy one minute, funny the next. He has also grown loads (taller than me now). His football has come along, and he still leaves his homework to the last minute.


 I've had so much fun with my blog in 2014 - we went to some great events and reviewed some great items; my favourite being my snazzy new cooker hood and I got to trial Symprove for IBS on the 12 week trial, which improved my tummy issues.  The kids favourite is definitely the OpenGoaaal net in the garden.

Overall a fantastic year, lots of love, fun and laughter.

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