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"Super Soft" Mission with Mission Deli Wraps

Mission Deli Wraps invited bloggers to submit a blog post showing their softer moments throughout a week.  And as a busy wife and mum working full-time from home with 4 children, enjoying the kids and having lots of 'Softer moments' is important to me, as I am also sure it is for the kids and my husband.

So how did our week go:
Monday - always a busy day for me, work is full-on, and also Jacob was also off today as he had a barking cough, and this is why I am so lucky to have a great job working from home, because I could cuddle up on the sofa with him and watch movies, read books and check my emails in-between. And with Summer we made some more loom bands (she loves bracelets).

Tuesday we had a Pyjama day! Jacob was still off today, his cough sounded a little better, so we did pretty much the same today, lots of cuddles, watching movies and reading books.

Wednesday - All the kids back at school today, and when they got home we did a spot of Lego, and then in the evening we just chilled out on the sofa and watched Frozen, for the hundredth time.

Thursday - Today was a special day, it was Jacob's birthday.  Paul took the day off, and we got everything ready for the tea party. Family and friends came round, we had fun, ate cake and made a mess.  We finished the evening off playing Doh-nutters, which the kids were far better at it than I was at it, I found it very hard to play (at the kids amusement)!

Friday -  I left the boys to play on their Xbox's, Jacob got the new Skylanders Trap Team for his birthday, so they all wanted to play that - all evening. Summer and I watched Frozen, again - and this time I got up with her and we danced to the songs, hand in hand and sang.

Saturday - We visited the RAF museum in London, the kids had a fantastic day, with tons to do, see and learn it really is an amazing place. Saturday is also Mexican night for us, we always have wraps and tacos for dinner - it's probably the only night we all eat the same thing. 

Sunday - we got a lot done today, not only did we get the Christmas Decorations up, we also put up the football Goaaal net in the garden.  However when we did get the Christmas decoration boxes out of the loft, a mouse (rather big mouse, thought it was a rat at first) jumped out of one of the boxes (eekk), we trapped it in the dining room and hubby wanted to set the cats on it - I wouldn't let him, I couldn't bring myself to killing it, so we shooed it out of the house. 

So that is our week, of ups and downs, but with lots of soft moments.
This post is for the Mission Deli Wraps “Our Super Soft Mission” challenge.

Jacob is 5

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