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Summer's Wishlist

Summer's wishlist - you can probably tell that she's a Doc McStuffins fan - it's her favourite cartoon, along with Sofia.  She is also in to baby dolls at the moment as she loves to roll-play. And then there is the Teksa, everytime she sees the advert she exclaims "I want one of them kitties" and as I have ordered Jacob the Zoomer-Dino, I think it would be nice for Summer to have a Teksta Kitty. Maybe the Dino and Kitty will battle? and/or play nicely together?

On her wishlist is for this Christmas is:

1 - Baby Annabell Doll £50.
2 - Doc McStuffins 22cm Doll £20.
3 - Teksta - Kitty £60

Christmas 2014

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