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Month in review - November

November is the eleventh month of the year and is a month in autumn and with 31 days

November's birthstones are the topaz (particularly, yellow) which symbolises friendship and the citrine. The birth flower is the chrysanthemum and the zodiac signs are Scorpio (until November 21) and Sagittarius (November 22 onwards).
We have a few birthdays in November - my youngest son was 5, then we celebrate one of my brothers birthday, and one of my nephews.

What we have been up to:

The first weekend we visited our local amusement park, Pleasesurewood hills, to celebrate Halloween and to watch the firework spectacular.  We went along with some friends, it rained, but we did have a great day and the fireworks were fantastic.  

The big haircut - I had 6 inches chopped off and I am loving it, it is the first time I have had short hair since 20 years ago - it is so much easier to handle and I've found I am wearing my hair down a lot more - whereas before, 99% I used to pile my hair on top of my head.

Change of schools for Jacob - We got the phone call we had been waiting for and Jacob moved schools, he moved back to the school in which he went to nursery, where he couldnt' get a placement, so after a few months on the wait list, Jacob was finally able to move back to his old school and be with his old friends.

Jacob celebrated his 5th birthday - he had a fantastic day, had a little party at home, family and friends came around.  He is really into his Lego at the moment, so he got a few boxes of Lego, some more Imaginext to add to his collection, and the latest Skylanders Trap-team.

Unfortunately we had a grill fire in the kitchen, which was not a nice experience, the cooker caught alight and ruined my cooker - luckily we had product insurance.

I experienced my first time being trolled on the Internet - not nice, but I ignored, blocked and reported.

Summer's Wishlist

Developing eczema as a teenager

Developing eczema as a teenager