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Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014, the kids were super excited (so was I), we went crazy with the decorations in the house, lots of fake spider webbing, scary props and spooky creatures - not forgetting the pumpkins. Our home transformed in to a haunted house. 

With family and friends coming around, I prepared a big pot of chilli, hot-dogs and spuds.

We were ready for the trick or treaters, with our spooky skull full of sweets -the creepy skeleton hand makes a noisy appearance when you go to take a sweet.

We get loads of trick or treaters every year, but we sat there wondering why it was so quiet "are they starting late this year?" "we normally have loads knocking on the door by now'"- then there was a knock and when we answered, the trick or treaters immediately apologised "for what" we asked - I had only gone and put our sign the wrong way around 'Sorry we are now out of treats' eekkk I didn't even pay attention when I stuck the sigh in the ground - we quickly changed that around to welcome the trick or treaters, and they were soon knocking on our door!

Our cauldron makes a steamy welcome.

Family and friends were all here now, the kids were running around screaming (lots of loud excited screaming) and playing with all the spooky dec's and balloons.. and next...... the kids were ready to go trick or treating!! and the warm weather was welcoming (warmest Halloween on record). So off we went with our bags, around the neighbourhood....

And off we went, half an hour of knocking on doors and collecting lots of sweets. (I had to watch Summer, as she was grabbing as many as she could, instead of just the one sweet). Many houses were decorated and welcoming kids, it is always nice to see the Halloween spirit embraced and enjoyed by so many. The kids had great fun.

When we got back home, we got the pumpkin head Piñata out and the kids had a bash. More sweets.....

We finished the evening off, eating chilli, hot-dogs and spuds - although the kids ate sweets, lots of sweets.

Afterwards the mess... 

We had a great Halloween, and we looking forward to next year.

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