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Changing schools mid-term

Earlier in the year, we didn't get our first choice of school for Jacob; a place in which he went to nursery, meaning he had to leave all his friends behind and start at a new school. He was rather upset about this, but he was brave, and he started his new school in September. He quickly settled in, although he mentioned several times that this was until he was allowed back at his old school, and so, we waited for the phone call to come, the phone call that would offer us a place back at his old school.

Then last week we finally got the call we had been waiting for, there was a space available for Jacob at his old school. When I mentioned it to him, his face lite up with the biggest smile and he said "Yes please mummy". I was so happy for him, although in the back of my mind I had a little niggle, I was a little concerned about moving him again, as he had settled in his new school, so I asked him again if he was sure he wanted to leave his new school, and the simple answer was a confident and firm "Yes".

We brought the new jumper and new school bag (luckily with his old school I brought limited stuff, as I kept in-mind that he was probably leaving), and we organised a half day afternoon for him to be introduced back into his old school.

The day came, and we went and sat in the office - he was excited, kicking his feet, being joyfully silly - which was a nice sign, and it calmed my nerves down.

What was I nervous about? well I knew that some of his old friends were not there, they had gone to different schools, but there were still a few, including his best mate at the school. But I was concerned if they would re-welcome him back, if he changed his mind, if he didn't settle, if he got upset, the concerns were endless..  

His reception teacher came and met us in the office, he instantly recgonised her from nursery, which I thought would be a good thing right? no, at this point he went very still, and very quiet. Oh no! I know when Jacob does this he is nervous, he clams up and becomes very serious.  So we walked through the school heading to his classroom, and he started to get upset, and I had to hold back the tears, I talked to him to calm him down, and we showed him around to his coat hook, his tray etc.  The classroom was empty as the kids were outside for play-time, so one of the teachers went and got two of his oldest and closet friends from when they were in nursery together and we waited whilst Jacob kept exclaiming he wanted to go home.  Then finally his two friends entered, they spotted him, shouted "JACOB" and Jacob responded with the biggest smile and he instantly relaxed. Yay.. at this point I knew he was going to be fine.

They came over, all with big smiles, and the teachers asked his two friends "What jumper is Jacob wearing boys" one instantly responded "His old one" ahahaha we giggled, and the teacher said "no, it is his new one, he is here to stay"  and then came even bigger smiles. Off they went and that was that. 

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