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Toddlers and boxes

Toddlers and boxes - if there is a box whether it be a toy box or a cardboard box it almost always captures children's attention and imagination, they simple have to get in it, which also includes the box full of toys. My two youngest (Lewis will also join in and play with them) often and quite happily tip out all their toys so they can get into the toy box and once that is conquered they will sit in the box with such achievement. Or if a box parcel arrives via post, they spot it, they instantly get excited for the box so they can get in it and it can be whatever their imagination wants it to be.

Why do they love a simple box? Because to them at that point it can be anything they want it to be with endless opportunities; whether it will be a boat, a house or a magic carpet. Also kids love to hide so what fun it is to jump into a cardboard box, close the lid and hide; their own little secret place.

It really is the simplest of things that can entertain kids one that they can explore and use their imagination freely:

Toys out, so he can get in.
"I'll just get in with the toys" 
"got to squeeze in this one"
Out goes all the toys, in goes Summer .. one happy little girl.
Yay empty box - playing together for hours of fun.
Even the smallest of boxes Summer tries to get in it.

Blast off - this is the best box, they spent hours playing with this and it lasted quite a while.

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