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The end of Primary School - the end of an era?

Last Monday I watched my two oldest sons walk off into high school after I had dropped them off together.  Liam has been going to high school for a few years now, but for Lewis this day was his first day at high school, the start to his taster week; a week where they are introduced into their new school and a week where they get to spend with their new tutor and meeting new pupils, all in preparation for when he moves/changes to this school in the new term, September.

As they walked off I stood there watching and I felt a mix of emotions, from sadness to being super proud of them; the sight of them two took me aback, and I welled up -  my boys are growing up, and a fleeting thought hit me - where have all these years gone, how did they grow up so quickly on me. I remember when they were young and I had so many fears (some irrational), but also many excitements and with tons to look forward too, as a parent those fears and excitements will always stay with me, but as they get older those fears/excitements change and alter (not so irrational, but still very valid).

After school I had a ton of questions to ask him - how he got on, what he thought of it, tell me what he liked, did he have any worries etc..  We had a little chat and overall he seemed pretty comfortable and pleased - Lewis has this very laid back manner, takes everything in his stride. Then he said 'No one plays!' and I see a sadness in his eyes and then he said 'they either just play footie or stand in groups chatting'  It was at that point when I realised that my little boy is going to change, high school will change him and again I found myself both scared and excited. What will this following 12 + months bring us? What will I see my fun loving, laid back, cheeky boy change into? After calming my mind and thoughts down and thinking straight, I have no doubt that he will become a young sensible lad, confident, yet still cheeky, just like his Dad and his older brother.

This week he returned to primary school, and yesterday the school took all year 6 kids to the local amusement park, Pleasurewood hills and they spent the day there.

Today was the last day of term, it was non school uniform and a normal day in class, but a more relaxed and fun schedule. After school Lewis exclaimed 'everyone was sad and crying, not sure why as I'm looking forward to the new school' so I replied to him 'won't you be sad to see some of your friends go when they attend other schools'  'nah that is what Skype is for Mum. I can speak to them like I normally do most evenings' 

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