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First swimming lesson

Yesterday was Jacob's first ever swimming lesson. Jacob loves swimming therefore I wanted to enrol him with a swimming club, preferably the sooner the better. He is a very energetic little boy so something to burn his energy, but also to teach him something new as well. My 2 older boys didn't really get into sport until they were older (tweens), so I was keen to get Jacob started younger.   

After being on the swim class wait list for 10 months, they finally rang to offer him a place. I spoke to Jacob and he confirmed he was excited to go, and so was I.  It is at our local swimming pool, which has a separate kiddies pool, with a viewing area for parents to watch and I thought it would be perfect; not too deep, and he can see me through at the viewing area. 

The lessons are at 4pm, just after school finishes, so on Monday we popped home, grabbed his swimming bag and headed off to the sports centre, everything was fine, arrived there and went in to the changing room to get him dressed, then he exclaimed that he wasn't going, he didn't want to swim, he doesn't know how to. I reassured and encouraged him that it will be fine and after 5 minutes, we walked out to the pool - I did have to promise that I would stand at the door to watch him, rather than the viewing area. When we got to the pool he was welcomed by the instructors, and they invited him into the water, he refused.  So after lots of reassuring done by me and the instructor (who was great and really patient with him) and 25 minutes later, he finally let the instructor guide him in, once he was in he was fine, they walked around the pool so he could get a feel, but as the lesson was only for 30 minutes, Jacob was only was in the pool for 5 minutes - though at the time I really didn't think he would get in at all, so I was super pleased that he did, even if it was for a very short stint.  

After we got out he was really happy, also quite pleased with himself, and commented that he was looking forward to next week.  Phew. Its a start, I am sure it will be better next week.

As a family we have been swimming many times, to our local pool, on holiday at center parcs etc.. so it isn't the first time for Jacob to swim, however he can be a nervous boy sometimes, if he feels he is not in control of something, then he simple won't do it. But I like to push him a little, not too much, but a little encouragement, as I don't want him to miss out, and also I would like for him to build his confidence. I am glad I stuck at it and he finally got in the pool.

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