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Car park scene - I blame the full moon

Okay, I am using the excuse that the full moon affected my mood, however I was slightly proud of myself for standing up to a bully, but it was a scary moment.

So just a normal day, I popped to Pets at Home to grab some hoppers for Shadow and came out and thought should I walk to the other side of the retail park or drive, I had a look and thought I cannot be bothered to walk, so I jumped into the car and drove to the other end of the car-park, spotted a space, put on the indicator to turn into the free space which was to the right, and waited for the cars to drive through so I could pull in, however one of those cars stopped, gestured to me that he was going to take the spot *SIGH* so I thought whatever and spotted another space (that he had drove past) where I could pull in, but as he was now trying to park I had to sit and wait for him before I could get past, however he was making a right mess of trying to park and after about 5 attempts, he pulled out, lined up in front of me, and gestured for me to move back, so I put my head down to change the gear into reverse, looked back up to find him quite visibly swearing at me and being animated with his hands, well my anger popped then, and I screwed my face up and stuck my middle finger up at him with huge conviction! Ha I thought, then that thought quickly turned to 'crap' as I watched him come out of his car, shouting, walking up to my window (I quickly locked the car door) and he placed himself shouting at me as I sat in my car, well I can't remember at what moment, but I lost it, I opened the door, he stepped back, I kicked my door open (it missed him), stepped out of my car and shouted at him HOW DARE YOU TRY AND BULLY ME AND THEN SCARE ME (when he tried to yell at me I swore very loudly at him and called him a twat and other profane names) and yep I went on one, shouting at him, crowds started to gather and thankfully he backed down and walked back to his car muttering to himself and finally he parked his damn car. I could then move forward and park myself. I was visibly shaking (which made it hard to park, but I did it quickly), and god I felt good for standing up for myself, I got out and held my head up high determined not to be embarrassed and went into Morrison's to grab what I needed (rang my hubby whilst in there, just to speak to him).  

It is unlike me to make a scene, I was on my own, and something snapped in me and I was not going to sit there being intimated by him.

Month in review: May

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