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Fun Pet Facts Video with PetPlan

This PetPlan short video is well worth a watch! It is full of interesting and fun facts about pets and PetPlan's experience with insuring pets.  Did you know PetPlan not only insure dogs, cats etc.. they even insure exotic pets like tortoises - I never thought to insure my bearded dragon, didn't even realise it would be possible, but after watching this video it is interesting to find out you can!

This video takes you through the vast range of animal breeds they insure and what the most popular names are for dogs, cats and rabbits etc..  With some interesting names! One customer has a massive 27 pets all insured! Wow that is a lot of pets.  PetPlan's oldest insured dog is 21, oldest cat 26 and oldest horse is 40 (which is 113 years old in human years) - amazing.

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did.

Disclaimer: I was paid for posting this video. All opinions and honest and my own.

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