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Bank Holiday Fun - an afternoon at the park

Sunday we went to our local park - Nicholas Everitt Park which is situated right on the broads, and it has it all; a beautiful setting, tennis courts, bowl greens, lush green gardens to walk around, outside trampolines, cafes, a museum, kiddies play park, pub, boats to take out on the boards, outdoor swimming pool (though they use this for those running orbs now) bouncy castle and a small man-made boating lake.

We always take along bread to feed the ducks, geese and swans, and nuts to feed the squirrels.

There are loads of squirrels here, you spot them right away, either on the ground or in the trees, they even come up and take food from your hand.  And today as soon as Summer spotted one she started to run around chasing and squealing in delight - trying her hardest to touch one. 

We fed the ducks, though Summer decided to eat her bread rather than throwing it out for them. ( the ducks were not very hungry as they are fed all day by other people - spoilt ducks)

After walking around soaking in the views, the kids running around the grass, we headed to the park, where the kids played on the slides, swings and climbed etc.. We then grabbed an ice-cream, and they went on the Kiddie ride-ons.

It is such a beautiful park with loads of activities available to do, but with a relaxing environment - we are so lucky to have it on our door step, we reap the benefits of this gem and visit many times each and every-year.

Summer chasing a squirrel
Jacob sitting in Summer's buggy - he doesn't like walking, she doesn't like sitting in her buggy - perfect swap.
Looking out over the beautiful broads.

Summer sitting in a climbing frame
Paul and Lewis watching Jacob climb.
Jacob whizzing down a slide.
All three of them went down this slide loads and loads - this slide was here when I was little- many years.
Ice-cream time!
Summer singing, whilst the boys mucked around with the umbrella.
Ride-on time! 

Sea Life Centre, Great Yarmouth

Felix Britain's Cleverest Cat