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Planning the Perfect Girly Sleepover

A sleepover is something a lot of girls will ask for as their birthday party and it's the perfect way to host a party at home rather than hiring a hall. You will of course be kept up half the night by excitable girly chatter coming from the birthday girl's room, but that's half the fun. So how do you plan the perfect girly sleepover? Take a look:

Guest List and Invites

Sit down with your daughter and work out who she wants to invite to her birthday celebration. If she wants to invite the whole class there's little point in having a sleepover as you're highly unlikely to have the space (or the patience!) for twenty or more little girls to sleep over.

If it’s a viable option then draw up a (short!) guest list – less than five friends is ideal. Have some fun with the invites - perhaps you could make them yourselves or even have them made for you with a sleepover theme or a picture of the birthday girl on them. Make sure you add details of anything they will need to bring with them like sleeping bags, girls pyjamas, toothbrushes, a favourite DVD etc.


Will you be having a theme to your sleepover? A sleepover is pretty much a party in your pyjamas so you really don't need to have a theme if you don't want to. Perhaps treat the birthday girl to some new pj's from George's range of girls pyjamas though to make her feel special. You'd probably buy her a new outfit for her party if it was during the day after all.

Theme wise you could go for anything that your daughter likes, perhaps you could dress as Disney Princesses and have a Disney DVD marathon, have a mini spa night and get a beauty therapist to come and treat the girls to manicures or pedicures or declare that everyone has to wear a certain colour that evening. The possibilities are endless.

As it's a sleepover you could arrange for the children to be dropped off after they've had dinner. You could however choose to make a party spread or order in a few pizzas to eat while watching DVDs, followed by popcorn or ice cream. You will naturally need a birthday cake, and buying a few different flavoured drinks cartons for up in the bedroom to avoid spills, plus something delicious for a midnight feast, will make you very popular.

It's Party Time

Once all the children arrive, show them where everything is. Where the toilet is and where to put their things are especially important. They can then have fun setting up their beds or sleeping bags for the evening so everything is ready for later on. If you'll be doing any activities or ordering food in now would be the time to do it so they still have plenty of time to head to the designated sleepover room, watch DVDs, dance to music, have a pillow fight and gossip all night long.

A sleepover is on the agenda for every young girl and being the mum to allow a group of giggling girls into your home for the entire night will put you pretty high in their 'cool mum' ratings. Just remember to invest in some earplugs so you aren't kept awake by all that giggling!

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