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A day out to the zoo

We went to the zoo on Thursday, and had a fantastic and eventful day.

At the start of our visit Summer lost a shoe in an animal enclosure.  *sigh*  We walked up to a viewing point which looked down and over the Africa open where the zebras graze, the ostriches potter about, the giraffe explore and the Rhino's walk around in there brute size. Summer stuck her foot through the gap and when she pulled it back out, her shoe caught and as in slow motion we watched it tumble to the ground.  Luckily enough hubby found an animal keeper, and with his big broom, the keeper was able to drag it close to the edge and as there were no animals nearby he popped in quickly grabbed it and out again. How lucky were we! we got her shoe back.

Jacob fell over (tripped over air again) and grazed his knee, he protested he couldn't walk, so sat in Summers pram.

After some of our misadventures, we carried on enjoying the day, Jacob loved the giraffes, and they had a baby giraffe which was gorgeous, and Lewis loved the meerkats - Summer loved anything and everything. 

Summer kept trying to sit on the goats and sheep, and I think to try and ride them - she has no fear. She also wanted to climb over the outer fences on most of the animal cages, to get closer to the animals and couldn't understand why we wouldn't let her. 

"Quack quack" Summer says this whenever we see any type of bird, and she didn't disappoint when she see the ostriches, and 'Quacked quacked' away to the boys amusement.

After a crazy 10 minute run around of screaming, laughing and rolling around, we headed to the open Lemur and goat walk through.  Jacob got up and close to a lemur, and Summer tried to sit on the goats again.

We then queued and waited to jump on the train, which took us around the whole park. Summer got bored half way round and started vocally complaining - she was tired at this point though.

After seeing all the animals, we headed to the park, where the kids completed the assault course, went on the seesaw and down the slides.

A great day - unfortunately Liam didn't come he is a teenager (need I say more) and had plans with his mates.

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