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TV Misfortune

We're really not having much luck with our TV's, 2 accidentally broken in the past 18 months!

18 months ago Jacob ran up to the television and smacked it with his hand - the boys were playing in the lounge and he got over excited, the poor television got brunt of it, and the Plasma screen unfortunately cracked, a spider webbed effect inside the screen. Luckily it was covered under our home contents accidental insurance, however it took the insurance company to come pick it up, attempt to repair it, and send us a cheque to replace it, approximately 6 weeks - so during this time we were left with a tiny 22inch television we had borrowed out of one of the boys room to watch, which left an unhappy hubby and kids trying to watch sport and movies on a rather small screen for a month and a half.  When we finally got to replace the television and because we were shocked on how easy it broke, we took out product insurance. I am so glad we did! 

Last week Summer clonked the lounge television with the remote control, and guess what? Yep, it cracked the screen - not as bad as Jacob's incident 18 months previously, but it did splinter inside. So I rang the product insurance company, they came and picked it up the following day; they had to attempt to repair it first and a week later they contacted me to advise me the television was a write-off! We were given a code over the phone and advised to take the code into our local store and pick ourselves a new television.  In the meantime Lewis had brought himself a brand new 30inch TV with his birthday money for his bedroom, but unfortunately we borrowed it for the lounge, just until we get the new one (he is not to impressed bless him - he reckons he is charging us rent for it).
The kids trying out 3D
in the store

I personally hate shopping for TV's, there are so many different types, different functions and so much to consider - it's always a bit of a headache! It's a big purchase right? You have to get it right as you will be watching the damn thing most days, if not everyday, and you have to be completely happy with it, especially the quality of the picture.  So we popped down to the store today, and embarked on choosing a new TV, urgh, and it was not fun,  the kids running around after quickly getting bored, it was a bit stressful, but we got there in the end.

We finally agreed on the TV we were both happy with (phew an hour and a half later and we were sorted), we just have to wait for it to be delivered soon, and Lewis will be happy to get his TV back.

Feeling trapped with a trapped nerve

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