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The first water fight of 2014

Yesterday afternoon the kids were in the garden playing like they do most days when it is not raining, whether it be on the trampoline together, or biking and scooting around the decking, or playing football together, however yesterday Jacob stumbled upon the water pistols in the garden toy box, and pulled them out for the first time this year. So then commenced the first water fight of 2014.   

With their Nerf super soakers, they ran around the garden spraying each other with water, tons of laughter, lots of running and trying to hide and lots of refilling canister.  A crazy, wet, fun-filled half an hour.

Liam and Summer trying to take cover behind the garden toy box. Jacob giving them no mercy, with the onslaught of water.

Jacob a tad wet (soaked)

 Jacob in action.

 Jacob and Summer hiding in the playhouse, but nowhere is safe during a water fight.

 Liam in action.

 Liam and Summer trying to take cover behind the garden toy box again.

Summer couldn't really grasp the concept of shooting the gun, however she still loved being involved right in the middle with the boys, getting wet. It didn't phase or upset her one little bit, she loved it.

Liam and Summer soaked.

One happy little boy.

We were then left to peel of all the soaking wet clothes, and to wrap them up in towels. 

I am sure there will be plenty more water fights to come during 2014.

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