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We have a graffiti artist in the house

There has been some naughty goings on around the house this week...  we have a graffiti artist in the making!

Both Jacob and Lewis really enjoy drawing and colouring-in pictures etc.. they have tons of felt-tips and crayons, and Summer is a budding artist as well, she loves to sit next to the boy's or in her high chair and scribble away with crayons. 

However she doesn't stop there! She got hold of one of the boys felt-tips.

beautiful scribbles on the cupboard 
Looks like Summer put a lot of effort into her scribbles on the cupboard doors, seems such a shame to clean it away (hhhmm).

Green felt-tip line along the hall way wall.
After some investigation we caught the guilty little one red-handed with a pen in her hand and scribbles all over herself, along with her guilty little face - 'biting the bottom lip' and the "ormmm"  gave us the culprit. 

We have to keep an extra eye on those felt-tips!

Quick fact: 
Did you know that graffiti has existed since ancient times, dating back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. The word originates from Greek γράφειν — graphein — meaning "to write." (source Wikipedia)

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