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Month in review - January

Quick January fact: January starts on the same day of the week as October in common years, and starts on the same day of the week as April and July in leap years.

January's birthstone is the garnet which represents constancy, and the zodiac signs for January are Capricorn until the 20th and Aquarius 21st onwards.

So what did we get up to in January:

Liam had his 14th Birthday - his birthday was on a school day which he wasn't impressed with, and then he had football training in the evening. For his gift he asked for money, as he is saving all his money to buy himself a gaming PC (they are not cheap either).  He still hasn't quite reached the amount he needs, but not far off - and that's because Gaming PCs are so damn expensive. 

We set-up a GoHenry top-up debit card for Liam, and Liam now has his very own debit card. I can easily top it up with his weekly pocket money, and also monitor on the GoHenry App what he has been spending his money on. 

Liam has chosen the GCSE subjects he wants to study - he knew straight away, so that was nice and easy.

Lewis, pretty much the same, out with his friends, playing on his Xbox, watching Minecraft videos on YouTube.

Lewis set-up his remote gaming record system he got for Christmas - he wants to record his Minecraft games and upload them onto YouTube, just one snag, his TV doesn't have the sockets for the leads, however his birthday is in February and he wants a new TV - so now we know we have to get one with enough sockets.

Jacob, growing ever so fast it's hard to keep up with, he is the tallest in his nursery class, and quickly growing out of his clothes, last week I had to buy a bunch of new jeans for him size: age 5! he is only just 4.

Jacob has finally learnt to write his name, and he loves that he can! We have tons of scraps of paper where he keeps writing his name and showing us. :) 

Early in the month we stopped using pull-up nappies for Jacob's bed time, and now he is fully officially dry. Yay.

Summer is saying loads of new words, and speaks really well for her age (growing up around the 3 boys helps):  'gusting' (disgusting) and Liam spent loads of time with her teaching her to say 'Hello' fully, she now says it 'Hel loooo', and other words: 'Shoes' 'Peppa' and a few others.

She is loving her wellies at the moment, we have to put them on most days, even for running around in the house. And she loves jumping in puddles.

We started to decorate Summer's room, nearly done, look out for a post soon.

Finally, we've decided to get a new pet! And it is a Bearded Dragon, it's a little different from what we have had in the past, but we have done a lot of research, and the boys have watched quite a few YouTube videos (they are rather excited). The vivarium was ordered last week and due to arrive early in Feb.

Another great month! :)  What was the best part of January for you?

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