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A day out at BeWILDerwood

Over the weekend we went to BeWILDerwood in Hoveton, Norfolk for the day.  The weather wasn't too bad, it didn't rain but it was cold, bbrrrr. We were wrapped up warm, and the kids ran around so much they did not once complain they were cold.  

BeWILDerwood is an adventure park and the home of Swampy the marsh boggle, Mildred the crocklebogs, Moss & Leaflette, Hazel the wood witch, Snagglefang, Vera the hippopotamuddle, Minty & Millicent, Willow & Sticklenose and Thornyclod spider; all characters from the children's books written by a local author, who brought his stories to life with the BeWILDerwood adventure park! We also got to experience and see where the characters live: The Twiggle village and low in the marshes the Boggle village, and not forgetting the Dismal Dyke, and Scaaaary Lake.

Starting our adventure of, we first headed to the 'long lagoon' to take a trip on the very colourful boat. Whilst on the boat exploring the scaaaary lake we spotted Mildred the crocklebog lurking in the water, and when we neared the crocklebog it gave the kids a startled surprise as it unexpectedly spurted water out in a noisy blast. A good start to the day, the kids were now laughing and enjoying the surroundings.

We then went through the 'Treacherous trial' and through the pongy marshes, see below what we spotted on this magically trial.

The kids were excited to see the Boggle village in the woods, excitedly asking who (what) lives in them.

After coming back out of the Treacherous trail, it brought us to the pointless path, a path that lead us around the back and through the trees, and out to the story time hut.

 Just in time for Story time, everyone gathers around and takes a seat, whilst the story teller narrates with the help of her hand puppet (Mildred the cocklebog).

We then headed to the 'Tricky tunnels'  we had loads of fun in the winding walk ways through the trees, climbing through the tunnels up the ladders, and then balancing on the wobbly platforms.

After the 'Tricky tunnels' we didn't know which way to go next, there was so much to do and see, but in the end the boys chose the den building, and through the entrance we went. There were plenty of sticks all sizes stacked around so people can build a dens, we picked out the trees we wanted to build our den on and started collecting sticks.  Summer was much more interested in running around in the leaves and kicking them about. After half an hour of hard work our den was done the boys had finished. The boys were pretty pleased with their den.
We then headed and braved the 'Broken bridge' which was high up in the trees, and rather long, but the boys passed the bridge bravely.

After passing the wobbly wires, which Jacob done really well on, even with Lewis making it extra wobbly, we headed for the muddle maze, the boys went off together to conquer the maze and Paul and Summer joined them shortly after, however the boys were quick to spot that Paul and Summer were getting lost, so as they stood on the bridge above they helped them by shouting directions.

They went through and up on BeWILDerville, climbed the web, on the swings, down the slides, on the zips, they even had a zip line for toddlers.  We had loads of fun and lots of laughter.

Then the event of the week, the Boggle wish bonfire where we were invited to grab a pine-cone, make a wish and pop it through the funnel in which it rolls straight into the bonfire and your wish becomes true. We stood around the bonfire to warm up as well, which was nice. 

We enjoyed lunch at munch bar, I had a hot potato with chilli, Summer had a kiddies sandwich box, and Paul and the boys enjoyed a hot dog.  As it was cold, we all ordered a hot drink to warm our hands and tums up.

We then ventured around the park again, the kids running up and down the bridges, ladders, tunnels, on the swings, down the slides and on the zip lines. So much to do.

The park is colourful, fun, and very imaginative.  It is a magical experience and the kids loved it  - they are already asking when we can go next! With all the hidden little huts, houses and doors around the woods, Jacob was fascinated by them and it brought the park to life, their imagination ran wide, and it enhanced the overall experience and made it much more fun!   It is a beautiful park, with tons of things to do, I would recommend it to all families.

Disclaimer: We were invited in as guests for the purpose of this review.

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