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Teenage son's shaving milestone

Last week our 14 year old teenage son mentioned to hubby and me that he wasn't happy with the moustache that was starting to grow above his top lip, we responded by reassuring him it wasn't that visible but to let us know if it was really worrying him and he seemed fine with that, however it must have been playing on his mind as a few days later he came to us and said "Dad can you help me get rid of these hairs here" *points to above is top lip* eeekkkk  My baby is asking to shave.

Hubby responded by saying "Okay, sure son", I piped in and advised him the longer he leaves it the better, as once he starts he has to commit to it as a routine - I was grasping hold of straws and panicking ever so slightly because the thought of my baby shaving is a scary milestone! There was me thinking that once he started shaving he would have to shave at least every other day, but hubby keeping calm as always, explained not at his age, it will be once every couple of weeks. So I smiled and advised him it was his decision, if that will make him happy, I will support that.

They disappeared upstairs for a good 20 minutes and hubby talked him through shaving and demonstrated the best way, and then he carried out his first shave!

I don't know why I panicked, but he is a responsible young man, he takes care of himself and he takes pride in his appearance and his personal hygiene. I am proud of my son, he came to us for advice and guidance, he trusts us, he knows we respect his judgement and that means a lot to me as a parent.

What milestone have you experienced with your child recently?











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