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You're fired!

Ever wondered what it would be like to be fired as a parent? Well my little boy has done just that to me a couple of times this past week. ;)

Jacob's new saying "you're fired Mummy".

This past week Jacob has been saying this to me in response to when I either tell him off or if I refuse something he wants (i.e. Crisps for breakfast), he just comes out with it!  I really don't know where he got this from (we haven't been watching the apprentice) but it does make me giggle - and he is dead serious when he says it.   

I ask him "who will do Mummy's job if I am fired" his reply "I will".

So when he doesn't get his own way instead of throwing a tantrum or attempts to argue with me, he simply states "you're fired Mummy". It is like his way of accepting my final word, but not liking my final word, so he is expressing himself by firing me (only ever momentarily until he needs me again).

It is the simplicity, frankness, and naturalness which makes him so adorable. He is like a little old man sometimes!  :)

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