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Jacob's 4th Birthday

This year, like last year, we were at Center Parcs 'Winter Wonderland' over Jacob's Birthday.  Every year we go with our friends, and Jacob's Birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, and on Wednesday's at Center Parcs they hold a fireworks display on the lake, making his day even extra special this year!

Opening pressies in the villa
On his birthday we woke up and we gathered together in the villa living room and Jacob opened his presents (he was mega pleased he got Skylanders swap force). We then went swimming, after that we grabbed a Starbucks on the way back to our villa (Jacob got his orange juice, Liam likes his mocha, Lewis his hot chocolate and the hubby his cappuccino) and when we got back we fed some squirrels and birds at our villa door.

Jacob & Summer feeding squirrels
Early evening we headed down to the lake for the firework display, which was fantastic, and at the end of the fireworks display Santa came out on the jetty to wave at everyone.   We then went and looked around the Christmas fayre stalls, which had all sorts of toys, local produce, crafts, and Christmas decorations on offer.

Our group table was booked for 7pm at Huck's (I had dropped off his birthday cake earlier and asked them to put some balloons up on the table),  we choose Huck's as they offer a kiddies buffet (Nuggets, fish, sausages, chips, peas, salad etc.), and they also have a fun soft play area in the middle of the restaurant, with a few computers to play on for the older kids - loads to keep them occupied.

Huck's Restaurant in Center Parcs

Finally Center Parcs ended and we got home Friday afternoon, and this year I wanted Jacob to have a Birthday party so he can invite his friends from nursery etc.. so on the Saturday Jacob had a party at our local indoor play-area; Pirate Petes.  His nursery friends and family turned up and they had 2 hours of running around, jumping in the balls, sliding down the slides and so on... they had food and drinks and tons of fun!

Pirate Petes in our home town

Jacob was a lucky little boy this year, with fun packed week of birthday fun.  His favourite presents he got this year were - Skylander Swap Force, Robo-Fish and a Micro-Scooter.

P.S. He is growing up too fast.

Hiding Christmas Presents

Why does she curl her feet?