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Hiding Christmas Presents

Tots100 are hosting a competition  “Tell us where do you hide your Christmas Presents?"

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Having 4 kids this year it is becoming a bit of a challenge to hide Christmas Presents before the big day!  But I believe I have the perfect hiding place and have used this for a couple of years now with success.

The place we hide the presents each year is in the base of our divan bed! I pull the divan draws completely out, and hide the presents in the base of the divan, then I put the draws back in, hey presto! The perfect hiding place from snooping kids :).

When I was a child my parents used to hide some of the presents in the draw in their divan bed, but my brothers, sister and myself used to check this every-year, we were rather sneaky kids!  From this experience I wanted to be extra cautious with my kids, to protect the surprise of the gifts for Christmas day, so if the boys do pull out the draws, they won't see them! 

The other challenge is when you are out and about shopping and the kids are with you and you buy a toy on compulsion, and the kids start questioning who that is for - my cunning idea was to tell them, "ah that is for cousin Alfie" etc..  however that can backfire on you, for example on Christmas day Lewis opens the Nerf Gun, and Lewis says "Cool we got Alfie one of these" but when we go round to see family and give presents and Alfie doesn't open  a Nerf Gun, Lewis will look at me with a puzzled and then a knowing look! hehe

A list of other places to hide those presents:

  • In a suitcase - Good idea for those larger presents.
  • In the attic - Be careful with anything that could be damaged by cold temperatures that could get damp.
  • Top of your wardrobe
  • A Shed in the garden - Be careful with anything that could be damaged by cold temperatures, but a good idea for larger presents like Bikes etc..  you can even assemble them ready for the big day.
  • In the garage
  • With a relative - My sister in law does this, and ideas all presents at her mums.
  • A Caravan - If you have one you could hide them in here, my parents used to do this as well as their divan draw. 

P.S lets hope neither of my older two boys read this post otherwise my hiding place is compromised!  :)

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