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Christmas Day 2013 - a great day!

Christmas Eve the kids were ready for bed, so we put some 'magic' sparkly dust outside the back door 'this is for the reindeers to see our house so they wouldn't miss us' they then went off to bed and fell asleep quite quickly, which was nice.
Hubby cooked us a nice steak meal - the best steak I have had in a long time, we had a glass of wine and we wrapped the final few presents. 
Christmas morning I woke up early, everyone was still asleep and I was really excited waiting for them to get up, and being the first year Summer has had Christmas with us, as she was with her foster parents last year, it felt more special this year. So I lay there anxiously clock watching, and those dreaded thoughts started to creep in 'I hope the kids like their presents. I hope they have a nice day and enjoy themselves'. I do it every year have a slight moment of panic and worry, not sure why??
Summer woke up first, and then the boys soon after that. Once we were all up and in our PJs, we all ventured downstairs, Jacob, Summer and Lewis were visibly excited, Liam just came in and plopped his bum down - I really miss his excitement, but what do I expect he is nearly 14.

Paul started to give the presents around and the kids started to open them with glee - Summer was great, she was getting right in there ripping the paper off, and clearly enjoying herself, as did Jacob and Lewis. Liam was more reserved, and I really just wanted him to jump around like his younger brothers and Summer.


We then started unboxing the toys, Liam and Lewis helped Jacob, and Summer set up their toys, putting batteries in, putting toys together and the kids played for a couple of hours.  Come 12.30pm it was time to head around my parents, so we started to get ready.  When we got to my parents there were even more presents for the boys and Summer to open with all the excitement of new toys to absorb again.

We ate just after 2pm, with 16 adults, and 7 kids, my parents done an amazing job, the food was fantastic.  I had turkey, and all the trimmings, the kids mainly had ham and the trimmings. My parents had set up a table for the children (my 3 boys, Summer, and my sisters 3 children), and then the adults had a separate table next to the kids.  It was a nice layout, and the kids were really good. 
After dinner the kids went back to their new toys, and we played with the kids, we had loads of fun and laughter, and a lot of mess; my dad had brought party poppers!.  Around 6pm my Mum brought out sandwiches, cakes, cheese board etc.. which was nice and we stuffed our faces again.  We then went home about 8pm and I was so ready for my bed, but the boys weren't, they had so much to do and play with, who could blame them for not wanting to sleep? Summer went straight to bed, but Jacob, Lewis and Liam stayed up for a bit playing with their new toys. They finally went to bed at 10.30pm.
We had a great day, did you? I don't know why I worry first thing in the morning, they always enjoy the day.

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