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Christmas car parking craziness

So today we went out to do some Christmas Shopping in the city and we parked in the John Lewis car-park - normally we park in the Mall car-park because it is more central to the city, however I had some John Lewis gift vouches I wanted to use, and I also wanted to pick up the Ginger Bread House making kit they sell. So we parked in John Lewis - it was easy to get in, a small queue for 5 minutes, and we found a parking spot very quickly (we were lucky!).  

We done our shopping in the city, and as the shops started to close we headed back to the car-park, all relived to get in the car, and looking forward to getting home, I pulled out of our parking spot, went down the first ramp and joined a queue of cars, I thought 'ah okay there will probably be a slow drive down with a slow moving queue, but no problem'. We waited, and we waited, and we waited - we hadn't moved one bit, the queue of cars hadn't moved! So after being completely stationery for 20 minutes, hubby got out of the car and walked over to the wall and looked out - we were on the 6th floor - he said Yep it is choc-a-block on the streets and the cars are inching out into the road.  

So we waited, moved a bit, and we waited, 1 hour later, we finally got on the level 5 - by this time I was freaking desperate, people were re-parking up and getting out of their cars, or others were walking down to the bottom to see what was going on and coming back up to their cars with feed up faces. So we sat and waited, 1 hour and 20 minutes later the queue started moving at some kind of pace - slow, but at least it was moving, which when we got to the 4th floor the car-park wardens were going from car to car, apologizing and explaining it was a mix of a local Premiership football match finishing just before the shops closed which equals, everyone in the city trying to get out and go home at the same time.

Note to self - Never go shopping when a Premiership football match is on in the city, at the same time everyone does there Christmas shopping.

P.S I would love to hear your car-parking crazy stories.

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