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How many odd socks?

Okay, my three boys and their odd socks drive me crazy...  odd socks is a real bugbear of mine!

In our house between the three boys, I have hundreds (a bit of an over exaggeration, but you get my drift) of odd socks and it can be hard and frustrating to find a pair. 

The odd socks do have a home in there very own basket, and in vain I try to find it's long lost pair. I give up after a couple of months, and then off to the bin.


My efforts to solve the odd socks problems:

  • I always try peg them together when they are hung-up to dry.
  • Check down the side of the settee cushions - because Lewis has a really lazy habit of shoving his socks down the side instead of putting them in the wash basket.
  • Check down the side of the boys bed, where the boys chuck there socks off. 
  • Buy ALL socks the same colour, so it is easier to mix and pair up.

Any further tips or ideas welcome. Maybe I need to add it to the boys reward chart, instead of the nagging? hhhmm

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