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Ebay - selling my kid's clothes

It started when I opened my airing cupboard the other week for the first time in a while, and yep, a pile of clothes fell out onto me *sigh*. I started to shove them back in, when I had a light-bulb moment and thought to myself "I should sell these" - I have some half decent kids clothes here, someone will get good use out of them still.

My options were either Car boot, or Ebay.  I am not keen on car boots - done it once with my best friend a few years ago, and it rained and it was so cold - never again!!! So I said right I will sell them on Ebay.

I started the boring job of going through all the clothes sorting them in piles of 'good to sell' and 'not good to sell'.  With 4 kids this took me a while to do, and all the 'not good to sell' stuff I took down to the clothes bank.

So I put my first few listings on Ebay starting the bidding off at 99p and added £2.60 for 2nd class small parcel postage.  The first few items sold which I was pleased with, and this gave me the encouragement to put more items on and I gradually increased my listings. I now have 15 on at the moment, but I do spread the listings out, adding a couple each day -  so I am not down the post office with 15 different parcels all at once!
The clothes really did need ironing before I took a photo - but I have avoided that so far, even though I was slightly embarrassed by some of the photos of crinkled jeans I put up on Ebay, and yes I know, I would have probably possibly got more bids if I had taken the time to iron them, but I really could not be hassled with it. 

My tips that work for me:
  • Start off at 99p so you don't pay a listing fee.
  • Take at least two photos - one front of item and one of the back.
  • I found bundles can work well for certain items: T-Shirts.
  • I have been using old parcel packaging that I had to hand already, so I recycled these, i.e. the Next parcel bag I turned it inside out to show the blank side.
  • If I ran out of old packaging I have used high street store carrier bags, the ones that are thicker.
  • Sellotaping a piece of paper on to write the address to whom I am sending it to.  
  • Weigh the items, and keep them under 1kg, as the cost of posting will double if it weighs over this amount.
  • I use brown packaging tape to securely package it.
To be honest I think with the amount of money I have been making, and the amount of time and effort I have put in, it's not going to make me a millionaire! But I have kind of enjoyed it so far. My next step will to start selling off some of my nail varnishes - I have tons of them that I do not use.

Do you sell items on Ebay? Have you tried it before, or thinking of giving it a go? 

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