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Dreaded vaccinations for my little princess today.

My little princess had her 1 year old vaccinations today (3 injections in total). I was not looking forward to it, and I was certainly very nervous leading up to the appointment, but I hid it well (I didn't want to make her upset). You would think I would be better at this, after going through it with each of my three boys!

So the two nurses welcomed us in, and I couldn't concentrate, as I was quietly freaking out. After we took a seat, I removed her top, and the nurse said something, but all I caught was about removing her jeans, so I attempted to remove her jeans as well, I think the nurse could see I was a bit nervous, with me thumberling around and she kindly helped me remove my the jeans.  The dreaded moment came as I squeezed my eyes closed, my little princess tensing up and screaming, trying to squirm out of my grasp - by this time I was physically shaking, and as we had to turn her around on my lap, for her last injection, it was then I realised that I wasn't meant to take her top off!!! just her jeans!. After it was finished I quickly gave my thanks and shuffled out of there.

In the car I gave her her bottle and she started to calm down, and by the time I was pulling into my drive, she had nearly drifted off to sleep; right on time for her daily afternoon nap... so I took her straight up to her cot, she cuddle up to her blanket and went to sleep. She slept so long, I kept checking on her - she looked so peaceful, so I left her too sleep.  

When she woke up, just to be safe I popped some Calpol in her bottle of juice, which she drank straight away. In no time she was running around, and as soon as she spotted the plasters on her thighs, she sat on the floor concentrating on pulling them off! 

She is fine, and not had any reaction (so far) so fingers crossed.

Aaww see her plasters on her leg below - she pulled them off after this photo was taken! 

Halloween 2013

Ouch my gums - new gum splint to help stop me grinding my teeth!!!