Keeping a Bearded Dragon #TropicalChronicals

We are a nation of animal lovers, and whilst cats and dogs may be the most common choice of animal companion, the prevalence of more “exotic pets”, like reptiles, rodents, and birds is growing each year. These pets may seem like a cool alternative to cats and dogs, but they do require more specialised knowledge and care, not to mention equipment, to live happily alongside their hooman owners.

Rock Pooling in West Runton

Haven Holidays want to encourage you to get outdoors this summer, thus, they have designed an activity guide full of exciting and fun ways to do just that. We were approached by Haven Holidays to choose one activity from their 2016 activity guide and to share our experience.

The End of Yet Another Era - Teenage Son Finished School

The end of yet another era. They come thick and fast, too fast.

It only seems like yesterday when he was my baby boy, my first baby, oh how I used to just cuddle him hours and hours on end, never wanting to let him go or let him out of my sight and now he's a fully fledged grown up. Whilst there's apart of me that's a little sad, I'm also incredibly proud of him and excited. I am excited for the future, his future, and I can't wait to see what he does with his life. 

Life Lately

Life lately has been an amalgamation of GCSE's exams, work, visits to A&E, business travel, building work, weekly family walks and illnesses - and rubbish weather.

What do you do if your school application is rejected

Summer starts full-time school this September.  My little princess is going to big school.

She already attends nursery every morning at the school in which I would like her to go to Reception, the same school Jacob goes too. However, this school is out of our catchment area (only by a few meters), so there is a chance that our application will be rejected. 

Dear father of the boy that....

You turned up at my house in the evening when it was dark, when I was alone whilst my hubby had gone to the gym, banging on my door so hard and loud it shook the house. I knew instantly who it was.  Who else would knock on my door like that?

My Son Turned 13

Happy Birthday to my son and a very special birthday at that! Thirteen is a milestone.

Just over a week ago my second son, my little man celebrated his 13th Birthday. That means I now have two teenagers - how old does that make me feel

Best Dog Walk in the Broads

Part of the National Park family, the Broads are a network of rivers and lakes. This beautiful and magical area spans across two counties, Suffolk and Norfolk. The lakes, known as broads, were formed by the flooding of peat workings many years ago, and the Carlton Marshes, a nature reserve based in the heart of the Broads, comprises over 100 acres of grazing marsh, fens and peat pools. It is one of the best dog walks in the Broads.    


My favourite holiday memory, a beautiful trip to Cancun, Mexico, that was taken 8 years ago this March.