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The Beach, Grey Seals, and Muddy Puddles

The Beach, Grey Seals, and Muddy Puddles

This is our second year of visiting Horsey Beach to go see the grey seals and their pups. For a few months each year, over the autumn and winter the seals come visit Horsey Beach to breed.

When we go to Horsey Bay the highlight of the day is not just seeing the beautiful grey seals, but the 1 -mile muddy walk back along the puddled filled path - the other side of the beach dunes.

We park the car, then walk to the beach and walk along the beach for a good 25 minutes before finally reaching the grey seals on the beach.  During the walk along the beach, you do get to spot the odd grey seal bobbing in the sea, which adds to the excitement.  

We always take our time when walking along the beach, the kids love to climb the rocks, run around, taking it the sights and sounds of the beach.  When we finally get to the pod of grey seals, it is always truly amazing.  The seals slumber around on the beach, grunting and groaning  - they always have a watchful eye on you, and let you know if you get too close to them.           

This year though there were not many seals, just a hand full compared to the hundreds we see last year - but we still got to see plenty along with a few pups.

Loads of rock climbing, it wasn't too windy either, thus, it wasn't so chilly.

I think the kids would have been happy climbing the rocks all day if we would've let them.

We arrived after 1-mile walk, that took a lot longer due to all the rock climbing, we came to the grey seals. It is such an amazing sight seeing them so close.

They are large, with beautiful markings and colouring. They are quite loud too.

Afterwards, we go over the dune onto the path to walk back to the car.  Which has many muddle puddles all the way back.  Summer got a lift through some puddles. 

There are lots and lots of muddy puddles and the kids made sure to walk through every one.

They got soaked but they loved it. (Luckily we came well prepared and brought spare clothes and towels)

We went with our friends this year, and on the way back we popped into a local restaurant and had Sunday Lunch - it was a lovely day.

Our Beagle the Houdini

Our Beagle the Houdini