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Just one of those day's

Just one of those day's

Yesterday was one of THOSE day's.

Here there and everywhere, a bit of bad, but mostly good.

Bad Mum Moment

Dropping the kids off at school this morning I spotted the other children dressed up - I completely forgot it was dress-up day - Jacob gave me that look, that look that confirmed, in that moment I was the worst mother in the world.  Guilt, oh I felt instant guilt -  I told him I will go home and get an outfit for him after my meeting, he replied 'no mum don't worry' but after some apologising and groveling from me, in the end, he agreed.

I had to rush home for a client meeting, but luckily when I opened my laptop he had emailed me to cancel and move it, phew, that gave me time to rustle up Jacob a cowboy sheriff outfit (belt, seriff badge, cowboy hat, waistcoat) and dropped it off to school earlier than planned.

Bad Behaviour.

Unfortunately, when picking Summer up from nursery the teacher pulled me aside, Summer had been naughty all morning, they had to put in her the bad cloud. She mostly has good days, but Summer doesn't like to do something IF she doesn't want to do it - she is very strong willed like that, even if it means getting herself in trouble. So we had a chat and she promised to apologize and be a good girl from now on.

Good news

Mock GCSE results day yesterday! Mid-afternoon my son texted me his results, he got better than predict and he had done so well, I am so proud of him - I rang hubby to tell him straight away. What was most important to me was my son was happy with his results. It has also given him that little bit of extra confidence, so when goes on to do his GCSE exams in a couple of months he feels he can do better.

Dog trouble.

Being a beagle puppy she is a destroyer of all things she can get on paws and teeth on, she also doesn't like to be left alone, even if just for 10 minutes, so we shut her in the kitchen where she can't do any damage. but yesterday after picking Summer up from nursery we came home to find she had opened the fridge and pretty much pulled everything out of the bottom 2 shelves. There was mess all over the floor; Blueberries squashed everywhere, ham, yogurt and coleslaw splattered, cheese - well she ate most of that. 

And to top it all off, I completely forgot her vet appointment.

But, when I picked Jacob up from school, he was super pleased with the outfit I had put together, he said all his mates told him he looked pretty cool. All was forgiven.

It's certainly was an eventful day.




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