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Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015

Every year we host a Halloween party in our house.  Family and friends all come around and we party.

My stepdaughter comes around in the morning and she helps me decorate the house (takes us all day), the kids help as well - we make the house all spooky, with loads of gadgets we have collected over the years, including a trusty red lightbulb we've had for years. 

I make sure we have lots of hot food to warm us up - I cooked up 2 large pulled pork joints, a pot of chilli and loads of hot dogs, along with some hot potatoes.

We always need someone on the door as the trick or treaters are non-stop, we get through buckets of sweets and this year our newest toy was the fog machine. Each time someone knocked on the door, we blasted the fog, and opened the door - the kids got hold of the fog machine remote control, went a bit crazy with it, and set all the fire alarms off - but apart from that, it was a great feature.

We carved out our pumpkins ready for the day. And, roasted up the pumpkin seeds - with some salt, pepper and coconut oil - they were delicious.


Everyone dressed up.

After everyone arrived, we took the kids out trick or treating - the houses around ours had some amazing decorations.

We got back home.

And ate.

We partied and made a huge mess - sweets were everywhere

The kids had tons of fun....

The little ones zonk out on the sofa.

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