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My Son Stood Against Bullies

My Son Stood Against Bullies

Bullying is one of the most horrible things to go through, it can be devastating and it can cause real damage. It is a real problem everywhere.

Due to recent events, and due to my son's braveness and kindness, I am the proudest mum in the world. My son stood against the bullies.

My son has a friend who lives around the corner, he is a year younger, but they get on quite well together.  He also has his 2 other friends who live down the road, who are his age, and in his class - these two boys knock on the door every morning and they walk to school together. 

Lewis's younger friend started the same Secondary school in September and all seemed fine. Until this friend started to get bullied by the boys who live down the road.

The bullying got quite bad and his friend wasn't going to school - he was too scared, but he told no one at first - as with most people that are bullied, they suffer in silence.

Then Lewis found out, but instead of standing on the side lines and watching it happening, watching a friend suffer, he stood against the bullies he stood up to his friends, and he showed them that bullies do not prevail. He stopped walking to school with the two bullies and he started to walk to school and walk home every day with his younger friend. 

Unfortunately, this didn't go down well and he opened himself up to receiving the back lash and Lewis got some stick, but Lewis being Lewis wasn't interested and didn't stand for it.  He stands by what is right and walks away from what is wrong - he recognised this himself, he took these steps and I couldn't be more proud of him. 

The bullying was reported to the school and the other kids were pulled into the head teacher's office. And, with Lewis's support, friendship and defiance to show his friends that he won't support their bullying, everything settled down.

It is little gestures like this that Lewis made, a sacrifice where he knew he would get backlash himself, but he stood against the bullies - he didn't need to get involved, he wanted to get involved, he wanted to support his younger friend. I am so proud,  he went above and beyond, he put someone else's needs in front of his own.



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