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I've wanted to visit Longleat for as long as I can remember. Most of my family and friends have visited (more than once) and over the years I've heard amazing things about it, and watched all the Longleat TV programmes - I've always been very jealous.

Finally this year we got to go. We decided after our Tunisia holiday was cancelled to just do it - let's go to Longleat - we will stay at the Center Parcs in Longleat and visit the safari park. 

We had an amazing day, there is so much to do, we couldn't get everything done, it is definitely a 2-day place. And, we are hoping to return next year. We didn't have time for the maze, but we did visit the Longleat House, which was stunning, breath-taking, and rich in history - even the boys enjoyed it the house.

We were a little disappointed with the Postman Pat village, it is very outdated, a little weather worn. Apart, from that, the new Dinosaurs around the park were great - some were animated and moved etc.

We started our day off by going through the safari first:

We came out of the monkey's unscathed  - they walked all over our car but didn't seem too interested in any parts of our car, phew - However, the car in front and the car behind weren't so lucky! The car in-front a monkey surfed the car all the way around determained to finish pulling the seal out of the door - which he succeeded. The car behind the little monkeys pulled the wipers and washer jets.

 The kids were super excited to see the rhino's up close.

Of course, huge excitement going through the Lion area, they were quite active when we drove through, it was a lovely experience.

After the safari, we parked up to enter the park.  It's quite a compact park, but packed with loads to do and see, we didn't know where to start.

Jungle Kingdom, allows you to walk in amongst the animals, including a skunk and Meerkats - they were running around our feet, which was such a delightful experience - we were told to watch our toes as the baby Meerkats may take a nibble.

Jacob loves playing up to the camera, most of the photos are of him pulling some sort of face.

Summer loved the snake, she was very interested in it, feeling it's skin and taking a close look - although, she wasn't interested in the tarantula.

The boys and I ran around completing the Deadly Challenge - I tripped and done an epic fall, but apart from that it was tons of fun. The boys got their certificate at the end for getting 10/10.

We spent a little time in the huge Adventure Castle play park and the kids burned some energy off.

We went on the boat trip to see the hippo's, feed the sea lions and to see the famouse gorilla.

An amazing site, as quick as it was - a drive by in the boat seeing the impressive Nico the silver back gorilla.

The kids fed the sea lions fish.

The secret garden, Jacob's impression of the statue.

We squeezed in a couple of rides.

Roarrrr  - the dinosaurs were around the park.

The boys got to feed the penguins - it was the highlight of the day.

We got to meet the ray's in the Ray Bay.

Longleat is an interactive experience, we got to feed the animals, learn about the animals and their environments and get up close to them. It was a lovely day.


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