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Mummy's boys who tap into the power of love

Mummy's boys who tap into the power of love

From the moment we kiss the tops of their soft little heads, our boys wriggle their way into the deepest part of our hearts.

Years of sword fighting, frog hunting and den building make us love them all the more and even a mountain of smelly socks and muddy trousers can’t dilute our feelings.

Even when they grow up to be sullen teenagers and shrug off our affections, we are certain that, in time, they’ll find their way back into the warmth of our hugs.

Well, it seems the feeling is mutual.

Big boys who love their mums are shouting it from the rooftops. These days there’s no greater accolade than being branded a Mummy’s Boy.

A gentle reminder of a mother’s love can literally make a grown man cry.

Liverpool football manager Brendan Rodgers used the fact to his advantage last season when he pioneered a revolutionary motivational technique.

Instead of shouting at his squad or throwing shoes at them, he read out letters of support and encouragement from their mothers.

Before every match, while the team was waiting to board the coach to take them to the stadium, Rodgers cleared his throat and voiced the loving words every son longs to hear.

Young midfielder Joao Teixeira said the strategy had an inspirational effect on the team as it chased the Premier League title.

And Brazilian Philippe Coutinho said hearing the letters helped players perform better on the field.

He said the mere mention of his mother’s name overwhelmed him and when he heard how she loved him, was proud of him and was always with him, he welled up with emotion.

Rodgers’ plan worked. Well almost.

Odds inthe football betting for Liverpool to win that season were long, but a few choice parental words helped the team claw its way up the table. They fell just two points short of the top behind Manchester City.

Meanwhile, Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge is a self-confessed mama’s boy. 

Last year he splashed out on a £1m penthouse flat and promptly moved his parents in as housemates.

He’s described mum Grace as the most beautiful woman in the world and says she’s always there doing everything and anything she can to put a smile on his face.

Last summer, she famously rang him ahead of a crucial England match against Uruguay to tell him to “mash it up” and the young international lapped it up.

Blood ties have nothing to do with a mother’s love.

When Mario Balotelli fired two goals against Germany in the Euro 2012 semis he rocketed his home side Italy into the final.

The first thing he did after the match was rush over to the stand to embrace his beloved mother, Silvia, who adopted him when he was three, and dedicate the goals to her.

Mario #Balotelli and mum Silvia embrace after Italy's Euro 2012 semi-final win. pic.twitter.com/3WlOP5Q3E8— Arsène's Son (@hughwizzy) May 6, 2014

He said he had no other desire than to make her happy.

Seems like mothers and sons are playing for the same team.

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