Our walk - Herringfleet

We've not been to Herringfleet in a few months - it's one of the kids favourite walks to go (because of all the tree swings in the wooded area).  The main reason we've avoided it is, when we last visited in January the village owner put a note up warning they were placing cattle in the field.  Which means we won't be able to allow our dogs to run free.  And so we avoided it. Hubby drives past it everyday to go to work and he mentioned that the cattle were gone, and so, off we went. And, we had a great day!

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Our Walk - Walberswick

Walberswick is a small and idyllically secluded village on the coast. It's beautiful. It has the beach, sand dunes, marshes, history and so much more. I've not been to Walberswick beach for many years, my kids have never been and we were excited to go - it's a popular place to visit, especially as it's perfect for crabbing, taking walks and spotting wildlife.  

We'd been threatening to go for ages until we finally went. It was a very windy day, but beautiful. We walked along the beach and crabs were washing up. The kids loved it, they collected an array of shells and stones.


The kids wanted to walk along the stony beach rather than the dunes, so it took a little longer - it's much harder to walk on the stones. But, the kids were collecting stones and shells - and throwing a few stones into the sea. They each had filled their pockets full of stones and shells they collected. 


It was very windy - Jacob helping Summer get her coat on and hood up.


The crabs were washing up as we walked along, Jacob found a few baby ones. 


The dogs loved it too. There were loads of dog walkers - I've never seen so many Jack Russells.


We headed off the beach into the marshes, and then up the hills.


We spotted a man cutting down the hay.


We found a pillbox on the cliff. It was clean! the pillboxes on our beach are fill of rubbish and broken glass, so it was nice for the kids to be able to go down into one.


On our way back to the car.  

We'll be visiting again soon. It's only half an hour drive up the road for us.

Our Walk In Photos

Our family walk.

We were back to Fritton Woods this week - it's our new faouvite place for walks. But, this week we stuck to the paths.

This time mother in law came along, she does a few times but hadn't since Christmas, and we love it when she comes, the kids especially love it and she loves it too. She has her wellies especially, and a ramblers walkers stick which helps her. Even better I managed to get Lewis to come with us - being a teen it's harder and harder to get him to come out with us. 

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We've Been Out and About Again - Our Walk

We'd only gone and left Jacob's wellies in the garden since the weekend before, hence, they were soaked when he went to put them on - (we had a half an hour of trying to find them before we checked in the garden!) So we had to make a detour to the shoe shop to purchase him new ones before our walk. 

He had his "I don't want new ones, I want my ones" grumpy head on, so it took a little longer in the shoe shop and convincing him to pick new ones then we had wanted, but then kids are great at being a pain in the butt.

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Our Walk

Every weekend, we take the kids and the dogs out for a walk, no matter the weather, come rain or come shine, we love to venture out. I love to take my camera and capture as many moments as I can. That same evening I will sit down and upload all the photos I took and go through each one. With this post, I'm sharing my favourite photos from our walk last weekend.

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Afternoon Tea with Santa

Last week we were invited to Wyevale Garden Centre in Bressingham for afternoon tea with Santa. 

This was our first visit to see Santa this year, and it's safe to say the kids were rather excited.  We booked our table at 3pm, and we joined another family to an hour and half of festive fun and tasty food. 

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Back to School and One at College

After a super school holiday (we squeezed loads of fun stuff in), with some bumps and bruises along the way, the kids are back into school and so far so good they seem settled and content.

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Rock Pooling in West Runton

Haven Holidays want to encourage you to get outdoors this summer, thus, they have designed an activity guide full of exciting and fun ways to do just that. We were approached by Haven Holidays to choose one activity from their 2016 activity guide and to share our experience.

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The End of Yet Another Era - Teenage Son Finished School

The end of yet another era. They come thick and fast, too fast.

It only seems like yesterday when he was my baby boy, my first baby, oh how I used to just cuddle him hours and hours on end, never wanting to let him go or let him out of my sight and now he's a fully fledged grown up. Whilst there's apart of me that's a little sad, I'm also incredibly proud of him and excited. I am excited for the future, his future, and I can't wait to see what he does with his life. 

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Life Lately

Life lately has been an amalgamation of GCSE's exams, work, visits to A&E, business travel, building work, weekly family walks and illnesses - and rubbish weather.

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