My Dad’s Wise Words

It’s father’s day yesterday, the 2nd year without my dad.

I lost my dad 22 months ago and it has been the most heart-wrenchingly painful, confusing time. Grief never leaves you, it is consuming and suffocating and… numbing - it changes you. 

Amongst all the pain and grief, I have many fond memories, many happy ones, ones that make me smile. 

My dad was always good at energising me but at the same time keeping me grounded, he did this in many ways, and one-way would be from his wise words.

Inverness The Dairy at Daviot Cottages Holiday Review

Last week I finally got to visit my dream location, Inverness, the Highlands. I'd not been this excited about going on a holiday in a long time, and what surprised me, was how excited the kids were too - even the pending 9-hour drive didn't deter their excitement - they couldn't wait to see the mountains and visit the Loch Ness.  

My Son has Lymes Disease

I spotted it as soon as he walked down the steps coming out of his class room.

I was picking him up at the end of school, when he came jumping down the steps like he normally does, with a big smile on his face, not a worry in the world. I instantly spotted the red bullseye rash on the side of his neck. I knew instantly what it was.

Me and Mine: June 2018

I'm super excited to be taking part of the Me & Mine project for the first time. May this be the first of many.

June brought us joy and sorrow, as well as great memories. 

My First Father's Day Without My Father

Sunday was Father's Day, the first Father's Day in my 39-years without my father.

There was no card to buy him, no gift, no visit to see him, no embrace, no kiss from him... nothing.

I have memories, lots of memories, good memories, but these memories are still coupled with the raw grief of losing him, bringing on immense sadness, aching, pain.

Dear Oven RIP

Dear oven, RIP. 

Our much loved oven gave us 10 years, 10 years of family cooked meals, thousands of cooked meals (good and bad). But, its' not been smooth sailing, we've certainly had some ups and downs over the 10 years; the good and the bad, we've been through a lot!

The first time the oven broke down, it was easily fixed. It was the heating element, I watched the engineer fix it, and I remember thinking to myself, wow that was simple, I'll change it myself in future if the oven breaks down again.

2017 - The Worst Year of my Life

2017 was not only the hardest year of my life, it was the worst.  

At the start of the year, we lost my brother-in-laws dad, he had passed suddenly. My husband and his brother-in-law are very close, they are best friends.  We are a family, including the outer family that are very close. It was devastating. 

2017 was already looking to be a rubbish year, and then...

My dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, given just months to live.

My Son Turned 18

This month see the celebration of my sons 18th Birthday.


how did that happen?!

It seems like yesterday I was bringing my first baby home from the hospital, bursting full of an array of new emotions, mostly a mix of fear and pure love. I think I spent many

At the start of the year our-lives were thrown upside down. My Dad, my happy, healthy, big hearted, beautiful and much loved dad was diagnosed with stage 4 small bowel cancer.  Months, not years, months.

Our walk - Herringfleet

We've not been to Herringfleet in a few months - it's one of the kids favourite walks to go (because of all the tree swings in the wooded area).  The main reason we've avoided it is, when we last visited in January the village owner put a note up warning they were placing cattle in the field.  Which means we won't be able to allow our dogs to run free.  And so we avoided it. Hubby drives past it everyday to go to work and he mentioned that the cattle were gone, and so, off we went. And, we had a great day!

Our Walk - Walberswick

Walberswick is a small and idyllically secluded village on the coast. It's beautiful. It has the beach, sand dunes, marshes, history and so much more. I've not been to Walberswick beach for many years, my kids have never been and we were excited to go - it's a popular place to visit, especially as it's perfect for crabbing, taking walks and spotting wildlife.  

Our Walk In Photos

Our family walk.

We were back to Fritton Woods this week - it's our new faouvite place for walks. But, this week we stuck to the paths.

This time mother in law came along, she does a few times but hadn't since Christmas, and we love it when she comes, the kids especially love it and she loves it too. She has her wellies especially, and a ramblers walkers stick which helps her. Even better I managed to get Lewis to come with us - being a teen it's harder and harder to get him to come out with us.