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World Cancer Research Fund - Move More Challenge

Health benefits of outdoors play with other children revealed as charity launches the

Move More Challenge

World Cancer Research Fund is a charity that focuses on cancer prevention and survivorship through healthy diets, physical activity and weight. 

Active children are more likely to keep active throughout their lifetime, thus staying active as adults. And given the evidence that physical activity protects against cancer, getting into healthy habits during childhood gives you an advantage when it comes to reducing the risk of getting cancer in later life. 

With recent research published by World Cancer Research and the University of Bristol it has shown that the more time kids spend outdoors being active has the positive affect on the kid's level of physical activity Therefore World Cancer Research Fund has launched the Move More Challenge. Following Cancer Prevention Week and around half-term, families are being encouraged to sign up to the two-week challenge. This is an interactive, online tool that provides simple, physical activities tailored to you and your family - wherever you are, however much time you have and however energetic you are feeling.

Why don't you get involved in the The Move More Challenge today. 

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