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Tips on How to make Your Money Last Until Payday

Tips on How to make Your Money Last Until Payday

Photo by  Fabian Blank  

Photo by Fabian Blank 

Sometimes you just take your eye off the ball financially. Life happens. These things happen. Whatever the reason, and it can happen often, you can find yourself left with almost nothing in the bank. "how long is it to payday?!"

How we earn money and how we spend money has changed and continues to change / evolve.  And, teaching yourself to budget better isn't as easy as it sounds, it took me a good few years. So, below I have put together some tips on how to try and make money last until payday. Or if you do ever find yourself short on cash and you won't last until payday, there are many options available out there for you, i.e. payday loans can help with your finance on a short term basis.

Review your spending:

Take a look at what you are spending your money on. You understand that you’re being stretched to the limit, but what exactly is causing you to struggle until payday? Review your bank statements to see what you can cut out and what you need to start spending less on. 

Save a little, the modern way:

Try and add a little aside each month, so when you do have any unexpected emergencies or bills, you have those savings available and ready to help you out. There are some great apps that effectively minesweep your bank account for some amounts, and over months, in no time you will start to build up a tidy little sum. The 1p Saving Challenge is also a great way to save - save a penny each day, increasing it each day.

Sell stuff:

Sell unwanted stuff on eBay. Go through the loft you will probably be able to find some bits and bobs that can be sold on eBay, you can literally sell anything. Also have a clear out, old toys, go through your wardrobe etc.

Cut convince:

Leave the car at home! Walk instead, it better for you, better for your health and bank balance. Also, make packlunch for work etc.

Find ways to reduce your bills:

This is always fulfilling to do. It's also very easy to do.. You can use the many comparison sites to establish if you should move to a different provider or not. If they are cheaper, you can reduce your bills. 



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