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The Advantages of Having a Villa Holiday

We've never been on a villa holiday before, only the normal packaged holidays. But this year, we are hoping to have our first Villa holiday, abroad and somewhere hot and nice.

Why are we choosing a Villa this year! With 4 children at varying ages, youngest 2 and oldest 15, I feel we would enjoy the flexibility, privacy and freedom, which is not necessary available with a hotel, i.e. the main issues with a hotel that stand out for me are, the same food, having to queue for that food and then there are the rooms, small and cramped and the lack of privacy.

Below are the advantages of a villa holiday to enjoy.


With 4 children, we are a large family, so a nice spacious villa where we're not crammed into a hotel room with one bedroom, with the kids sleeping on the sofa beds, would be a refreshing change. We are also hoping my sister-in-law, hubby, and their three girls can join us, thus we will be sharing the cost of the villa, which can work out more cost-effective for both of us. 


I would look forward to, not having to worry about people, strangers, and hotel staff. I would look forward to the privacy, where we can relax in our own space and not worry about our kids being too loud etc..

No queues.

With a villa, there is none of that queueing needed to have your dinner, no queueing to grab a drink and no queueing to wait for everyone else to check-in and out.

The pool

No getting up at the crack of dawn to put a towel on the loungers, just so you can get close to the pool. No, with a Villa, you can have the private pool all to yourself, the kids can be as loud as they want, they can splash and jump as much as they want, without having to worry about disturbing others.


Not sure about you, but after a few days on a fully inclusive holiday, I get tired of the all you can eat buffet, the same ole' food day in and day out. With a villa, you can cook for yourself (BBQs, or you can venture out and sample some of the local cuisines.


A few packaged holidays we have been to have been secluded and not always near a beach, i.e. one year in Turkey, the nearest town was a 25-minute taxi ride.  I like to get out, see the area, experience the culture and have a bit more choice.

The more I look into a villa holiday, the more I want to give it a go.

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