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The 42 Days of Summer #Sweeet Linky Challenge

For the 42 days for summer fun challenge, which is sponsored byMcVitie’s BN Biscuits, the kids and I came up with the below list of great stuff to do. This list will cover activities for most days depending on rain or shine.

Our list is as below:

  • Picnic at local park, or beach - make sure to pack our BN biscuits. 
  • Walk along the beach front wall - the kids running around discovering the wall and the area, taking in that lovely fresh sea air.
  • If the weather is nice enough we can venture on to the beach - paddle in the sea, and build sand castles.
  • Visit many different parks, not visiting the same one all the time - to keep it more exciting.
  • Visit some local museums.
  • Feeding the ducks and swans down the local parks.
  • Walk in the woods, collecting sticks, looking close at woodland nature and climbing trees.
  • Visit the war bunkers along the beach - kids love this, there is a certain excitement about the structures and getting to go inside them.
  • Making fun in the garden - getting the paddling pool out, playing on the trampoline, and playing football together in the garden.
  • Taking the kids to the local fun adventure soft play area.
  • Swimming at the local swimming pool.
  • Bike rides or taking the scooters down the skateboard park.
  • Lots of ball games, like Kirby, a kick around in the park etc.
  • Or if the weather is rubbish and we feel like staying in, we will make a tent (fort) in the lounge.

Loads of fun stuff to keep us busy which we have enjoyed so far this summer, and looking forward to doing lots more with what is left of the summer come rain or shine.

BN the sandwich biscuit with a wink, comes in three flavours: Chocolate, Raspberry and Vanilla.  We tried two flavours out for this review (Chocolate and the Raspberry), and both went down a treat, my favourite is the raspberry, the kids especially liked the chocolate.  They are a great snack for lunch time, and/or packed lunches; a nice tasty treat for all to enjoy.

They are also available to buy in mini packs.

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