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Make Your Garden a Paradise With These Top Tips

Make Your Garden a Paradise With These Top Tips

Photo by  Nathan Dumlao  on  Unsplash

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Make Your Garden a Paradise With These Top Tips

Let's be honest, who doesn't want a gorgeous garden? Imagine having a haven of gorgeous plants, overgrown wildflowers and an eclectic mix of wild beauty and more tamed and minimalistically designed areas. Imagine lounging around in the summer by the rose bushes, reading a good book and listening to the lazy hum of bees pass you by. Sounds good doesn't it? Well now is a great time to start getting your garden ready. We have compiled a few of the best ways that you can transform your garden from plain lawn to paradise! Take a little look.

Frames and arches

One of the things that can truly transform your garden is agriframes and arches! These large archways make for a truly magical and spectacular aesthetic. Known for their use in wedding ceremonies, agriframes will give your garden a truly romantic feel. Plus when you can get promo codes for agriframes, there really is no reason not to! There are a couple of things that you can do to really bring these frames to life, and they are outlined below:

  • Climbing plants: Agriframes are absolutely perfect for climbing plants and flowers. Ivy will give the frames a full and wild look, while the purple explosions in clematis will make your frame look gorgeously alive. Make sure that you pair your frame with a climbing plant to make your garden into a paradise!

  • Fairy lights: wrapping your frame with some fairy lights - solar powered ones work really well in the summer - is a great way that you can add a little luxury to your frame. They are perfect for summer dinner parties outdoors!

Get creative with your planters

Start getting a little bit more creative with your plant pots. There is no reason why every single one of your pots needs to be an orange/brown colour. Start having a bit more fun with it! Get some colourful pots and planters or start decorating your own. Think of the things that you have in your house that would make nice plant pots. More often than not you can create some gorgeous plant posts with tins, baskets, watering cans and even old wellingtons! Start getting a little bit creative and give your plant pots a real unique, handcrafted and home grown feel.

Think about water features

If you have a pond or stream in your garden - or if you would like to install one - then it is definitely worth thinking about getting a water feature. Having a water feature is a really gorgeous addition that can make your garden look like a true paradise.

Overgrown doesn't have to be ugly

Modern gardening has begun to move slowly towards a more minimalist approach, but there really is nothing quite as gorgeous as an overgrown wild flower bed. The best thing about letting your garden grow a little too much is that it takes no effort at all! Make sure that you plant plenty of colourful and resilient plants and then step back and let nature take its course. Wild flowers, poppys, lavender and saffron make great wild additions. You can buy packets of wildflower seeds from plenty of gardening outlets, and you can find discounts on them with Promo Codes For. So make your garden into a wild flower meadow this summer and see just how blissful you can make it!

Start attracting the wildlife

One of the most important aspects of making your garden look at feel like a paradise is by attracting some wildlife to it. The presence of birds, squirrels, bees and other creatures is a really good sign that you have created a miniature paradise not just for you, but for the animals too. Here are a couple of ways that you can attract wildlife into your garden:

  • Bird feeders: Bird Feeders attract not only plenty of different types of bird, but also squirrels too! This is a great way to make your garden a haven of wildlife. There is nothing nicer than listening to the birds sing first thing in the morning!

  • Bird baths: Birth baths are again a great way of attracting lots of different birds into your garden. Not only that, but a lot of bird baths look really gorgeous and elegant too!

  • Pollinating plants: Fill your garden with a range of plants that are full of pollen to attract the bees!

Seating and benches

There really is no point in having a gorgeous garden if you can't sit in it and enjoy the haven that you have created. Make sure that you have some seating options in your garden. Having a table and chairs means that you can sit in your garden with a pot of tea, a friend or a book and enjoy the wonderland that you have created. This is a great way to make your garden your very own corner of heaven!

There are plenty of things that you can do to ensure that your garden looks and feels like your own personal paradise! Make sure that you consider letting it grow a little bit wild, get some beautiful agriframes and arches, consider some more creative ways of planting, consider a water feature and start inviting the wildlife in! May your garden be your own little corner of wild bliss!

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