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National Bed Month with Silentnight

March was a particularly hard month for me as I've suffered from a very painful trapped nerve in my neck and unfortunately, experienced a very sore back and left arm. This brought me sleepiness and restless nights, so when I was offered to collaborator with Silentnight and Warburton's for national bed month in March I jumped at the chance - I knew it wouldn't give me a perfect night sleep (I don't think anything could with the pain I was going through) though I really could appreciate the comforts to take me through the long nights and long mornings, and Silentnight and Warburton's did just that. 

First some fun findings: Silentnight carried out some research recently with 2050 adults and according to their findings us Brits spend more time checking emails and using the internet each morning than taking care of their appearance, eating breakfast or spending time with their family. Upon hopping out of bed, more than half of those polled check emails, 48 per cent use the internet and 47 per cent watch TV. Maybe you prefer a scroll through Twitter? - I'm guilty of the first poll, as I work from home I am always checking emails out in the morning I even miss breakfast many mornings.  

The research revealed that when it comes to mornings, the UK can be split into four types of personas. ‘Robotic Risers’ (41 per cent) prefer to get up at the same time each day and stick to the same morning routine, while ‘Serial Snoozers’ (18 per cent) are slow risers who maximise their time in bed and ‘Opportunistic Nappers’ (13 per cent) get up early and on time but often rush out feeling exhausted and grab naps when they can during the day. Just 4 per cent of Britons are ‘Energetic Early Birds’ who get out of bed early and exercise before eating a healthy breakfast.

Which one are you? Even though I have dreamed and would love to be an 'Energetic Early Bird' I am not and probably will never be - I am a bit of two, a 'Robotic Riser' during school days - I have to stick to a routine to make it work and get the kids all to school on time, and get back to start work. But come weekends, and half terms, I am a 'Serial Snoozer' where I absolutely try and maximise my time in bed. 

Now my experience: So how did this collaboration help me with all these yummy breakfast items and other items included in the pack? Well firstly I love the Silentnight hippo teddy, he was so cuddly, but unfortunately for me the kids claimed rights to him very quickly, I did however manage to keep the note book to myself. Now you've probably guessed, being a blogger and all, I love to write, yep..I have since I was a teenager, I am what I call myself a serial writer, I have boxes of notepads, scraps of paper, and even toilet tissue with all my scribbles and anything that grab my thoughts or attention that needed to be written down there and then, so the Silentnight notepad and the Silentnight mug have taken home on my bedside cabinet, where the pad has helped me through the sleepiness nights to take some time to write and focus on something positive.

Then in the morning, I haven't been able to drive, so my lovely sister has been coming and picking the boys up to take to school, so I have had the time to take my time, sort myself out some lovely breakfasts with the items sent in the pack, and my favourite was the below, the Warburton baps, with Happy Eggs and a nice cup of Teapigs.

From this experience, I am absolutely going to give focus to breakfast - making sure that I eat when the kids eat breakfast every morning, as the old adage goes 'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day'.

Also if you struggle to get a good night's sleep, then why don't you watch the below video with top tips from Dr Nerina which provide simple to follow advice.

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of goodies from Silentnight and Warburton's for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.

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