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Kid's Conversation Experiment


(Lewis who is 11)

  1. I heard the Justin Bieber’s new song earlier - are you and your friends all Beiliebers? "NO, we don't like Justin Bieber" - Lewis wasn't too impressed by this question, he looked at me like I had insulted him.
  2. We can’t wait to watch the new LEGO film… "Not really, I would rather wait for it to come out on DVD" We discussed what the film would be like, and if we thought we would like it or not. Lewis compared the movie to the Xbox games that they play.
  3. We heard that Match Attax cards are really cool – what are they all about..?  "Not any more, but I used to, the only good thing was when we used to swap them"
  4. What’s your favourite video game at the moment- "Minecraft, playing survival with my mates on Minecraft is the best - you have to build items, collect materials and that. The hardest material to find is emeralds, it used to be diamonds, but since the change it is now emeralds" He told us a little about what he had built recently.
  5. If you could be any footballer, which one would you be? - "Frank Lampard, a Chelsea player of course, because he is the top goal scorer for Chelsea of all time" We then discussed football and different players.


(Liam who is 14)

  1. So, Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner, are they on or off?  "How would I know about that, I know I am on Twitter a lot, but this is not my interest" Liam was not impressed I had asked him that question.
  2. I love Perry’s dress in the new Little Mix video, do you like it or her? Not really, not my thing.
  3. What are your favourite Vine videos at the moment, we love… -He Laughed and then explained on this one video is of an Australian kid he has a 2 litre Pepsi bottle and speaks in a funny voice.  We then discussed other Vine videos they liked and why it made them laugh.
  4. What do you think about Flappy Birds being banned? - "I kept it on my iPad, but it was not banned, the creator just took it off, he couldn't handle the abuse he got over it" We talked about the game and how frustrating it is, and how he likes to keep up with his mates on it.
  5. Who are the best people to follow on Instagram/ twitter?-  "Football stuff mainly, but Arsenal is my favourite and I follow most footballers from Arsenal" We then discussed the different players, and who he follows on twitter, and he asked me who I follow.


The questions were quite different to what we normally chat about, and they did turn out to be fun, some a little challenging than others, but overall it was a positive experience and we enjoyed the topic of conversations. 

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Disclaimer: We were sent some vouchers to purchase the Goodfella's pizza. All opinions are honest and my own.

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